Can you name every Champions League final goalscorer since 2000?


Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible record in Champions League finals is well documented – but can you name every goalscorer from Europe’s showpiece fixture since 2000?

Ronaldo scored for Manchester United in the 2008 final and then for Real Madrid in 2014 and 2017, but there are 49 other players to remember.

You’ve got 10 minutes to name them all, and we’ve listed the years in which they scored as clues.

The average score to beat is 55%. Not gonna lie, we felt quite smug getting 45/50.

If this gives you the taste for another quiz, try命名前25名的英语冠军Lea得分手gue history.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores@planetfutebol.

Note: If you’re having problems attempting the quiz, play it on theSporcle website.

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